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Ring Roller

The AIM Ring Roller is a heavy duty, secondary tillage tool for use behind a disc or chisel plow. The unit breaks apart clods and firms the soil. The flexibility of the individual rings riding on the center tube allows the unit to be used on beds as well as flat ground. Under some conditions, it is an excellent tool for breaking surface crust to enhance seedling emergence and bring subsoil moisture to the seed zone. 


  • Heavy duty 3” & 4” square tubular construction

  • 10” pipe for center tube

  • 4-bolt flange bearings for roller; 1-1/2” bore for sizes 3 – 9 ft; 2-3/16” bore for sizes 10 – 24 ft

  • Folding tongue for easy transport on models 14’ and larger

  • Folding tag arms for easy movement through gates and crossings

  • Available in 3 pt. lift models

  • Available with 30” diameter smooth roller

  • Center tube can be filled with water for added weight

  • Special configurations built to customer specifications


  • Fold-back tongue jack assembly

  • Rear hitch assembly

  • Straight tag arm assembly – pair

  • Folding tag arm assembly – pair

  • Tongue assembly – 14’ and larger

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