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Reduce Hand Pruning Cost!

Pre-pruners are offered with three different head configurations – Vertical, Concord, and T-head types. All are tractor mounted (wheel or track type) for one or two row operation. They are attached to the tractor three-point hitch and driven by a self-contained PTO hydraulic power unit. Electro-hydraulic solenoid valves control all of the operating functions. Operating speeds range from 1.5 – 3.5 miles per hour.

This head consists of a dual stack of 3 – 8 cutting disks. These disks cut the vertical canes in multiple places while allowing the horizontal trellis wires to pass through undamaged. Additional reciprocating cutter bars can be added to remove vigorous canes from the top or sides.

Multiple spring-loaded fingers articulated by counter-rotating drums that “comb” upwardly the canes cut the canes above the cordon. Often this head can produce a “finished” pruning job for Concord type grapes. Additional cutter bars can be added to remove excessive cane growth.

This head is designed to be used on bi-lateral trellis systems with top mounted 18 to 30-inch cross arms. It can also be configured for quadrilateral trellis systems with up to 42-inch width cross arms. Additional cutter bars can be added to remove excess top or side growing canes.

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Vine Trimming
Continuous, Circular-Movement Cutter System

The Vine Trimmers are composed of individual knife blades fixed on a special multi-ply V-guide belt which rotates against fixed blade sections.  This system assures a quality cut of all canes with the ability of fast ground travel.  The cutting action allows pre-harvest trimming without the fear of shaking your crop on the ground.  


  • Maintenance-free: the cutting knives are cleaned and sharpened automatically when they come in contact with the stationary blades.

  • A special rotary-lifter attached to the cutter bar gathers up low lying canes.

  • Proper belt tension is essential and easily accomplished with a simple tensioner screw adjustment. The proper tension will track the belt correctly and not allow the blades to expand outwardly to avoid hitting the frame or inside of the guard covers.

  • In the event of hitting a non-movable object, the cutter bars rotate out of the way with a break-away spring and not allow the drive belt to slip or damage the motor or cutter blades.

  • Hydraulic oil requirements are just 6/GPM and usually what most tractors have available.

  • The cutter bars and bar frames are easily mounted on all tractors and are quickly removable.

  • The cutter bar frame moves the cutter bars up/down and in/out for vineyard adjustment from the tractor seat.

Hydraulic Shears

All shear models offer ergonomic, user-friendly grips for exceptional comfort and ease of operation.  They can perform multiple cuts through tough wood quickly and easily to yield greater productivity.  AIM offers 3 different shear models – the PP20, PP30, and the PP65.

The smaller models are light-weight, extremely maneuverable and provide the required power with virtually minimal physical force needed by the operator.  This makes pruning easier and more productive than using other traditional pruners.  The larger model is still light-weight yet offers the power necessary for larger pruning cuts.  Operating hand force is also minimal.  Maneuverability of all pruners is enhanced by the customized hose assembly.  A unique feature of placing the high-pressure delivery hose inside the low pressure return hose eliminates the complication of 2 separate, thick hoses.  Maintenance is reduced by only having the outer hose exposed to the operating environment.  The “hose-within-a-hose” concept allows for each hose end to have complete and continuous swivel capabilities.  The OD hose is 3/4 inches for all models.

Whether powered by a 3-point PTO hydraulic pump on a tractor or an independent hydraulic power unit, multiple units (1-12) can function from a single hydraulic power supply.  The problem carrying, maintaining and charging batteries along with cutting power limitations inherent to battery powered units is eliminated.



65mm blade provides larger precision cuts up to 3" in diameter. Perfect for vineyard dead-arm removal or top working for grafting. Side extension handle assists balance and handling. Weighs less than 7.5 pounds.



30mm blade cuts up to 1-1/4" in diameter for needs such as dormant pruning. Weighs less than 2 pounds.



20mm blade is ideal for small cuts up to 3/4" in diameter. Weighs less than 1.5 pounds. The unique cutting mechanism allows for blade movement in direct proportion to trigger movement.

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