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Brush Rake
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Brush Rake

The AIM Vineyard Brush Rake is the ideal tool for removing leaves and grape mummies from the vine row. The removal will aid in spraying and cultural vineyard practices in the future. 

Brushes are made with a combination of polypropylene and steel bristles. The poly bristles on the outer perimeter provide excellent wear while the inner steel bristles provide the aggressive action to remove small weeds. For more aggressive action, all-steel brush assembly is also available. 


Hydraulic motors power the brushes. Hydraulic cylinders can be used to raise and lower the brushes while built-in angle plates provide for a wide range of brush adjustment angles. A standard brush rake arm assembly mounts on a standard 2-1/4inch tool bar. 


The head drive assembly of the brush rake unit has a double set of bearings and a torque arm drive for the hydraulic motor. This allows the load to be distributed to the bearings and not impact the hydraulic motor and shaft seal. 


A right-side brush turns counter-clockwise and a left-side brush turns clockwise when viewed from above. A spring suspension system enables the brushes to walk around the stakes and vines.

Brush Rake
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