Golden Retriever

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Pipe Machine.JPG

Pipe Machine

The AIM Golden Retriever Pipe Machine is a 3-point tractor implement that is used for removing or installing 3” CERTA SET sprinkler line. This machine is the best option to reduce the labor and time required in pipe movement operations. The machine has 12 wheels, 8 driven and 4 idlers, that clamp on to and then retract the pipe from the field. Powered by the hydraulic take-off on your standard tractor, attached to a category 2 or category 3 three-point, this implement allows for the pipe in the field to be taken out, uncoupled into its 30 ft. sections, and stacked on trailers by as few as a 3-person crew while performing all functions from your field road or headlands.

How it works
The Pipe machine has two sets of six tires. Each set of six tires is comprised of four hydraulically driven wheels that open and close to allow the pipe to be inserted into the machine. The pipe rests on the two idler tires and the four drive tires clamp down on the pipe against the support tire. With the tires now closed around the pipe, the four drive tires begin to turn. The drive tires don’t move anything along the ground as we see daily but rather turn in a stationary position and drive the pipe through the machine, pulling the pipe out of the field and onto the headlands where it is disassembled. The pipe machine can pull up to a half mile line of pipe assuming the tractor is appropriately specified, and the pipe is empty of water.