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Spray Equipment
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Applicator Kits

AIM Applicators are designed to accurately apply liquid fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides. The standard model chassis is especially designed for use in orchards, vineyards, or open ground. High clearance chassis are for row crops and open ground.


  • Heavy duty tubular frame

  • Adjustable width axle from 60” to 80” track

  • Adjustable height hitch

  • Fold back tongue jack

  • Rear 2-1/4” diamond tool bar for mounting attachments

  • Flotation tires, 11L x 15, 6 pr

  • Low profile, 52” to 58” high, depending on tank size

  • 13” ground clearance


  • Choice of 18” to 30” ground clearance

  • 73” to 85” height depending on tank size

Skid Sprayer with Saddle Tanksjpg

Skid Steer Sprayer with Saddle Tanks

AIM Saddle Tank Mounts are designed to be strong and rugged while providing good operator visibility and easy removal. Mounts, saddles, tanks, plumbing kits, and pumps can be purchased separately or as a complete assembly. The customer tractor is individually custom-fitted at AIM’s facility.


  • Heavy duty structural tube mounts

  • Choice of Poly or Stainless-Steel tanks

  • Choice of agitators

  • Choice of ground-driven or hydraulic-driven pumps

Tractor with Saddle Tanks

Tractor with Saddle Tanks.jpeg
Speray Equipment
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